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Car experts with over 10 years of experience valuate your car and stay by it.

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The process consists of three simple steps - Get a free valuation, Book an appointment and Voila! Complete your sale.

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Payment will be made directly into your nominated bank account.


When WeBuyYourCar, we provide you with a complimentary drop to home service (Dublin only). If you do not have time to come in for a valuation, we can come to you to bring your car to the nearest buying centres to provide an accurate valuation.


We provide an estimate within 1 working day! Estimate is based on the information provided by you. However, actual valuation is subject to viewing the condition of the car at one of our buying centres in Dublin.

Family Owned is backed by Murphy & Gunn, a premium car retail business catering customers since 1960.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I think twice about selling privately?

There are many reasons why selling your car privately is not the best idea:

  1. Wastage of time and effort in uploading photos on different portals
  2. Waiting for buyers who are not serious or never turn up at all

Do I need to make an appointment?

Booking an appointment ensures that one of our friendly buyers will be on hand to inspect your car and make an immediate offer to you.

If you visit one of our buying centres without an appointment, we will do our best to assess your car. However customers with prior appointments will be seen first.

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